January 26

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Virtual Credit Card Terminal for Your Business

As several businesses currently rely on credit cards, so is the terminal. A variety of credit card terminals exist in the market with different features and price ranges. There are three major categories of terminals including stationery, virtual, and wireless with each preferred for a specific business setting. While purchasing, here are the key factors to consider for an appropriate terminal for your business.

The Type of Terminal Needed

The first thing to consider when purchasing a credit card terminal is to determine whether one requires a wireless or stationary terminal. In case the business involves e-commerce, it is recommended that the business owner considers a virtual terminal. Other factors that influence the type of terminal chosen including whether the counter is mobile or permanent and if there is adequate infrastructure such as power source and cabling to operate the terminal.

Consider Features of the Terminal

Since virtual credit card terminals are digital machines, it is important to check if their features can be supported by available software and hardware in the business area that is compatible with the terminal software. In addition, there should be adequate technical support and good help-desk 24 hours a day to help in the operation of the terminal. This could assist in preventing any inconveniences and technicalities that arise.

Availability of Integrated Printer

When planning to purchase a credit card terminal, it is necessary to confirm whether the vendor offers an integrated printer. If this is not the case, one should consider making a stand-alone purchase since a printer is needed for issuance of slips and receipts. In case of buying a receipt printer, the three commonly considered include thermal, inkjet, or dot matrix printers.

Transactions through credit cards can significantly impact the value of a business. With the credit card terminals, a business is able to increase its flexibility and conveniences to customers. BlueSnap ensures that its clients get affordable and efficient terminals that help improve business performance. The package not only involves the software and hardware but also vendor support and training on how the terminals are to be installed and operated.

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