January 29

A Few Highlights From the Resume of David Johnson of Cane Bay Partners

Under the leadership of partners like David Johnson Cane Bay has become one of the most successful and sought-after consulting companies in the United States Virgin Islands. Johnson and other founding partners of Cane Bay each brought something special to the company when they committed to growing it from the ground up. A look at some of Johnson’s past postings will reveal how he acquired the skills and experience needed to become so successful.

A History of Seeking Out and Overcoming Professional Challenges

Some professionals find themselves feeling mostly content to coast, and that can be rewarding for those of certain inclinations and proclivities. Leaders like Johnson tend to focus a lot more on finding ways to develop themselves and their skill sets on an ongoing basis. As a result, Johnson has had a career filled with highlights, some of the most significant of which include his stints with:

  • Strategic Link Consulting. In his capacity as a partner at Strategic Link Consulting, Johnson advises clients regarding matters including call center operations, marketing financial services online, and the underwriting of sub-prime loans. While some of these duties overlap with his focuses at Cane Bay Partners, Johnson still finds himself addressing many entirely distinct issues.
  • TranDotCom Solutions. Managing loans can be complex, and it often turns out to be a significant cost center, too. While a Vice President at TranDotCom Solutions, Johnson helped oversee the development and marketing of a sophisticated loan management platform that makes this frequently difficult work a lot easier.
  • Mansell Group. Every company of any size today staffs and operates a human resources department that helps guide some of its most important activities. More and more often, businesses are moving toward web-based HR systems that make it easier to keep track of all the most important details. In his work at the Mansell Group, Johnson helped market and sell one of the most advanced such tools of its time.

Many More Milestones to Come

With quite a few other interesting, influential past and present positions to his credit, Johnson has led a varied and ambitious career. That is often what it takes today to succeed as a high-profile consultant.

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January 29

David Johnson of Cane Bay Highlights the Benefits of Offshore Call Centers

Should an offshore call center be used? This is a question posed by many business owners. For quite a few of these individuals, the answer is yes and the following reasons demonstrate why making this move is wise.

Reduced Costs

Companies that choose to make use of an offshore call center find their costs decrease significantly. This is due to the reduced costs for infrastructure, operations, overhead, and more. They are taken on the by call center provider as opposed to the business making use of the service. Although these costs are passed on to clients, they are spread among all organizations making use of the call center which helps to keep the expense down.

Continuous Customer Service

A small business owner cannot man the phone around the clock. However, when an offshore call center is used, phones can be manned continuously. This ensures customers are helped in a timely manner, which they appreciate. This, in turn, increases their loyalty to the company which is always beneficial.

Increased Uptime

Servers go down. When a business maintains their own call center and the server goes down, customers may not be helped in a timely manner. Offshore call centers typically have multiple locations and staff to ensure this is never an issue. The calls are answered even when one or more locations are inoperational for any reason. The calls are simply transferred to a center that is up and running. In-house call centers typically don’t have this option.

Call Volume

Call volume varies based on many factors. When a company is inundated with calls, their in-house staff may not be able to answer all in a timely manner. Fortunately, offshore call centers often offer the option of using their services only during these busy times. As a result, every business should consider employing a center of this type for periods of heavy calls.


Companies spend a great deal of time interviewing, hiring and training employees. Once a person has established employment with the company, scheduling becomes a concern along with other human resource tasks. An offshore call center handles the hiring, training, and managing of their employees, removing this burden from the business owner.

David Johnson Cane Bay works with clients to address their call center needs. He understands how to go about finding the right provider. Furthermore, he can be of help in negotiating fees, addressing concerns, and more. Contact him today.

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January 29

A Quick Response Produced Much Needed Aid for St. Croix After Hurricane Maria

The United States Virgin Islands is a beautiful place whose location regularly exposes it to fierce, destructive tropical storms. In 2017, two intense storms pummeled the islands in quick succession, straining the abilities and resources of aid organizations to their limits.

Business leaders like Kirk Chewning played important roles in the recovery from Hurricanes Irma and Maria by stepping up to provide more assistance than had previously been available. As one of the founders of Cane Bay Partners, Chewning has become a prominent and supportive member of the United States Virgin Islands community. The Cane Bay Cares nonprofit he and his colleagues set up to help with the disaster response ended up being an especially important piece of the puzzle.

An Important New Group Arises in the Midst of Disaster

When Hurricane Irma passed over the United States Virgin Islands, the heavily populated islands of St. John and St. Thomas absorbed the brunt of the blow. Hurricane Maria arrived only weeks later, focusing its own destructive ire on the island of St. Croix.

That one-two punch would have been devastating had it been delivered in any conceivable way, but the spread out nature of the resulting damage made for an especially challenging response. Even though aid groups had rightly rushed to support St. John and St. Thomas right away, their responsiveness left them largely unable to offer much help to the people of St. Croix.

Fortunately, Chewing and others at Cane Bay Partners were ready to ensure that all such gaps would be filled. At the end of September, they created a new nonprofit called “Cane Bay Cares” that was tasked with lending a hand.

Protecting, Rebuilding, and Working Toward a Brighter Future

That move proved decisive, as it meant that St. Croix received far more support than would have otherwise been available. Within a surprisingly short amount of time, Cane Bay Cares raised $200,000 in donations, with Cane Bay Partners matching every penny. As a result, what had initially been expected to be an especially troublesome recovery effort went much more smoothly than most had even dared to hope.

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January 28

Unique Value: Will this Be the Fortune or Failure of Bitcoin

Since being launched just over a decade ago, bitcoin has skyrocketed to stardom. Though the cryptocurrency has had some extremely pronounced ups and downs over the years, it has won the hearts of buyers, market analysts and general skeptics alike. Despite its current level of fame, naysayers still exist. They remain fairly certain bitcoin won’t last. Some even insist its strong suits will be its downfall.


Unlike fiat currencies, commodities and other items of perceived value, bitcoin isn’t centralized. This means it’s out of the hands of government agencies, financial institutions and other controlling entities. It’s owned by the people, and they’re in control. Critics say this will be one of the reasons the current “trend” doesn’t last. Fans swear this is the very reason it will last, perhaps even well beyond potentially unsustainable traditional economic systems.


Since it’s not under centralized control, bitcoin isn’t widely regulated. This could leave investors vulnerable to repeats of the infamous Mt. Gox incident of a few years ago. In order to become regulated, it would have to become a centralized institution. Most people who currently place their faith and finances in bitcoin affirm they’d rather take the risk, as minimal as it is, over destroying its unique inherent value by allowing it to be centralized.


One of the most unique aspects of bitcoin is its lack of a physical representative. It’s a digital-only platform. Plenty of critics say this could be its biggest drawback. Should the world’s power grid fail or an extraterrestrial EMP attack take out the internet and all manner of communications as society knows them today, bitcoin would cease to exist. In truth, this point may very well hold a good bit of water; after all, without power and internet, it would be lost. Still, the same could be said for any currency or asset. Since bank account information is stored electronically and few people carry cash these days, there’d be no way to cash in on any form of wealth following such a disaster.

Bitcoin is an exciting concept with value from a number of angles. Though some insist its unique nature makes it worthless, others maintain those qualities are exactly what gives it worth. Either way, in light of the attention it continues to draw, it’s not likely to fade away any time soon. To learn more more about this continually growing institution, follow the link provided.

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January 28

Should People Consider Hiring Portfolio Management Professionals?

To increase the value of a person’s assets, they must implement the right savings and investment strategy. Portfolio management involves investing an individual’s assets to improve the amount of their financial wealth or to realize specific projects that are important. Because the process is done on different investment horizons, the client needs to consider his or her liquidity needs and the tax implications before all else. This process entails knowledge, understanding, and neutrality.

Diversifying is important

Most investments need to be diversified – by sector, asset class, country, and management style – and reconfigured over time to reduce the risk of market returns, while adapting to changes in the investor’s life. To be plain, the person’s management methodology should focus on capital appreciation while minimizing their portfolio’s volatility. When it comes to investing, it’s significant to concentrate on what can be controlled instead of aspects beyond your control, for example, monetary market earnings, which are quite erratic in the short term.

Risk can be crucial – in numerous ways

The one factor a person might have more control over is the risk they take to reach his or her monetary goals. This is why hiring Kirk Chewning is paramount. By choosing Cane Bay to handle a person’s investment needs, they profit from tactical guidance on diversifying your portfolio and solutions tailored to your objectives and requirements.

Together, the client and advisor will determine the goals and the investor’s profile. Among other things, the expert will help the client answer a few questions, including what they want to do with their money and when it needs to be done. Then, with the answers, Kirk will write the client’s investment policy statement, which are guidelines for the proper management of a portfolio.

The professional will then select the asset classes and distinct components that are included in the portfolio, along with the correct mix of each. The portfolio manager will do everything for the client, by financing in the securities and products they have chosen. Contact your advisor to discuss investment solutions and instruments the most adapted to your situation. This will help to increase your financial wealth and to better plan projects with the help of a portfolio adapted to your needs.

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January 28

Overcoming the Hurdles to Finally Spend Bitcoins

As bitcoin continues its rise to fame, a growing number of people are jumping on board the cryptocurrency bandwagon. In the beginning, just getting your hands on this innovative new asset was difficult. Only a single exchange was available for those looking to trade fiat currencies for bitcoin. Though a handful of others entered the mix, the fall of the industry’s major player discouraged newcomers for a while. Still, the cryptocurrency sector didn’t fold.

The Exchange Platform Took off

Eventually, the growing concept of cryptocurrency stopped reeling from the hacking of Mt. Gox. New exchanges did begin to enter the mix. Some have fallen by the wayside while others persevere. Options like Bitstamp, Kraken, Coinsquare, Coinbase and others have made a name for themselves in the industry. They’ve made bitcoin more readily available to the public and opened the doors for plenty of new developments to follow.

Facing Yet Another Hurdle

Although acquiring bitcoin is much simpler than it was in the beginning, what to do with the cryptocurrency from there remains a bit of a mystery. Aside from trading it in for other cryptocurrencies or exchanging it for cash and other assets, not a lot of options are available at this point. This hasn’t discouraged people from buying into the growing field, but it does leave room for disappointment.

Why Is Spending Bitcoin So Difficult?

Financial institutions remain leery of cryptocurrencies. Governments are attempting to place regulations on them and bring them into the centralized realm. Since they’re having little success in these efforts, they’re placing restrictions on banks in regard to accepting this type of payment. These roadblocks are passed along to businesses and vendors, making profiting from bitcoin acceptance difficult.

Having said all that, spending bitcoin isn’t impossible. A few businesses have stepped outside the box to offer customers this rising payment option. At present, Microsoft, Overstock, Newegg and Expedia are among the companies currently accepting bitcoin, and new ones are continually being added to the list. With a platform known as Purse.io, you can even buy a wide range of items off Amazon using bitcoin. Click here for more information on businesses currently open to bitcoin payments.

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January 28

Benefits of Installment Loans from Blue Trust Loans

An installment loan is an amount of money that’s borrowed and then repaid over a set period of time. Typically, the payments are scheduled monthly or bi-monthly. While there are some alternatives to installment loans, such as payday loans, the benefits that are offered by an installment loan make them an appealing option for many people.

For those who are considering taking out an installment loan, knowing what benefits they offer can be helpful. Keep reading to learn what benefits are offered.

Reliable Interest Rates and Predictable Payments

An installment loan will have a fixed interest rate for the entire life of the loan. A fixed interest rate is appealing because the borrower doesn’t have to be concerned with the rate increasing, which can result in a much higher payment down the road. Also, borrowers know what they are expected to pay each time their payment due date rolls around.

Lower Monthly Payments Due to Longer Loan Terms

An installment loan will typically be a longer-term loan. For example, if there’s a longer amortization period, such as 10 to 15 years, then it means the payments are going to be much lower and much easier for the borrower to make without putting themselves in a financial bind.

Receive the Money Quickly

In most cases, it won’t take any more than two weeks to receive the money from an installment loan lender. In many cases, there are lenders that can provide the funds in as little as two days after the application has been submitted and approved The requirements for the installment loan are usually loose, and lenders don’t usually require much documentation. This means that the time needed to process the application is short. Also, the borrower can receive a lump sum of cash right after the application is approved.

If someone is considering an installment loan, they should consider all the benefits that are offered. They should also find a reputable lender, such as Blue Trust Loans. By doing so, they can feel confident they will have the money they need without the financial hassle that comes with other types of loans.

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January 27

Strategies For Becoming Debt-Free Now

In the U.S., consumers are at a greater risk of incurring higher volumes of debts. The most common risk to consumers is a failure to manage their finances. Too often consumers don’t plan for the future and generate unnecessary debts. A financial consultant shows consumers strategies for becoming debt-free now.

Don’t Use Credit Cards

Charging unnecessary items on credit cards is a serious issue for consumers. The problem leads to high-interest payments for luxury items that should’ve been paid for with cash. The debts become difficult to pay off as the high-interest rate increases the balance each month. Consumers who want to become dent-free must stop using their credit cards entirely.

Utilize Automatic Drafts for Payments

Setting up an automatic draft for payments takes the stress off the consumer. The creditor is paid on time, and the account stays up to date. However, consumers who want to add more to each payment adjust the automatic draft through their bank account.

Stop Overspending and Impulse Buying

Overspending and impulse buying leaves consumers broke quickly. The faux pas prevents the consumer from paying off debt and often generates buyer’s remorse. A careful strategy to stop the vicious cycle is to transfer a larger portion of their money into a saving account before shopping.

A budget is also helpful and guides the consumer through each pay period. The plan shows them what to do with leftover money after paying their bills. It also indicates how much money is available for nonessentials.

Save All Extra Money

Financial consultants show consumers ways to save money, too. Any money leftover is sent to a savings account, and interest is accumulated each month. The budget and debt management plan include steps for saving all extra money. By following the plan, the consumer stays out of debt and has funds available in case of a financial emergency.

In the U.S., consumers incur high volume debt due to credit card accounts most often. The accounts are too easy and convenient for consumers. In turn, the consumers generate too much debt in a short duration. A financial consultant presents a plan to become debt-free right now. Consumers who want to learn more about the plans are encouraged to continue here today.

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January 27

Steps For Better Debt Management

In the U.S., better debt management is essential for all consumers. The concept settles debts faster and frees up more cash flow for consumers. The right plan addresses the reason behind debt accumulation and shows consumers how to manage their finances more effectively. A financial consultant explains the steps for better debt management.

Identify the Cause of the Debts

The first step of better debt management is to identify why the consumer is incurring debt. The reasons include overspending, earning too little, and impulse control problems. Before starting a plan, the consumer must learn how to control and track their spending.

Prevent Recurring Debt

Consumers who discover how they are incurring debt follow steps to prevent recurring debt. The first step is to make credit cards inaccessible. The consumer must take on the attitude that if they don’t need an item then they shouldn’t buy it. Living beyond their means is a common reason for incurring new debts and damaging their credit.

Calculating the Sum of All Debts

The sum of all debts shows the consumer how far in debt they are. The consumer creates a list of all debts with the outstanding balance and the current interest rate. A financial consultant reviews the information and shows the consumer how a debt consolidation loan will pay off the debts.

The debt consolidation loan allows the consumer to pay off several debts with one loan. High-interest debts present the greatest risk for the consumer. By adding the debts to the loan, the consumer won’t pay the full interest balance for the debt.

Prioritizing Debt Payoffs

Consumers prioritize debt payoffs and pay smaller debts faster. The debts include unsecured credit card accounts and low-balance personal loans. A financial consultant creates a plan to pay off the debts one-by-one.

In the U.S., better debt management addresses common faux pas of consumers. The issues start with overspending or the mismanagement of income sources. According to financial consultants, the consumers don’t track the full balance of their debts and need a plan to remedy related hardships. By prioritizing debt payoffs, the consumers have a better chance of managing debts properly. Consumers who want to learn more about better debt management follow these steps right now.

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January 27

How To Get Out Of Debt

In the U.S., consumers generate thousands of dollars of debt each year. The debts are often associated with unnecessary spending and high-interest credit card accounts. Unfortunately, the excessive debt affects the consumer’s credit rating dramatically. A consultant helps consumers create a plan to get out of debt.

Prioritize Small Debts First

Financing gurus suggest that consumers should prioritize smaller debts first. The balances of the debts are the lowest and easiest to pay off quickly. The plan consists of adding more money to the smaller debts each pay period until the debt is paid in full. The consumer addresses one debt at a time and eliminates the smaller debts in record time.

Pay More on High-Interest Debts Each Month

Consumers create a list of all their debts with the interest rate next to the balance. The plan shows the consumer how to pay off the high-interest debts first. The consumer adds a small amount to the payment each month. Less interest is applied to the debt if the balance decreases faster.

Stop Spending Money Unnecessarily

Luxury or impulse spending is a serious problem for consumers. The next step to getting out of debt is to cut out any unnecessary spending right now. The consumer uses any money used to purchase unnecessary items to pay off debts. A fun strategy is to place the full price of each item into a jar throughout the month. At the end of each month, the consumer deposits the money into an account and sends a payment to their creditor instead.

Set Up a Budget

Budgets are advantageous for cutting spending and tracking how much consumers use to pay off debts. A consultant helps consumers create a better plan for their budget. All monthly expenses are subtracted from the consumer’s income first. Next, any leftover balance is sent to creditors to pay off debts.

In the U.S., small debts are prioritized in debt management plans. Next, additional payments are submitted for high-interest debts each month. Financial consultants show consumers how to avoid impulse purchases that generate high and unnecessary debts. Consumers who want to learn how to get out of debt are encouraged to follow these steps now.

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